College of Arts and Sciences

John P. McNulty Scholars Program for Excellence in Science and Math

McNulty Scholars Research Summer 2012

During the summer of 2012, McNulty scholars had the opportunity to participate in the Summer Scholars Program or a research-based internship.




Elorette SSP
Catherine Elorette ’14, biology major, as a research advisee of Dr. James Watrous, researched the role of electrical synapses in small world neuronal networks exhibiting epileptic-type episodes.

Biology major, Maria Galassi ’15, conducted Summer Scholars research in 2012 under the supervision of Dr. Scott McRobert and a wildlife biologist at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, doing fieldwork on the distribution of native and non-native turtle species. Her work will continue as part of a long-term project. Galassi SSP12

Mariani SSP12
Physics major, Lisa Mariani ’14, researched the dynamics of stick-slip motion using a hook-loop system under the direction of her research mentor Dr. Paul Angiolillo with the goal to better understanding of systems that undergo slip – stick motion, such as the movement of tectonic plates and the resulting predictability of earthquakes.

Corinna Noel ’13, math major, participated in the Summer Scholars Program offered by the Feeding Tomorrow Foundation.  The Foundation’s goal is to “raise awareness of the food science profession, and help ensure a healthier tomorrow”. In her career, Corinna hopes to combine her interest in applied mathematics with her passion for the food industry.   Noel SSP12

Pappaterra SSP12
Lianette Pappaterra ’15, biology major, this summer continued her work in microbiologist Dr. Catalina Arango’s laboratory studying the carbon catabolite repression in bacteria under her supervision.

Biology major, Molly Southwell ’13, interned this summer at the Deveraux Kanner Zoo, which provides animal therapy to children and adolescents with special needs.  Additionally she shadowed Dr. Len Donato, vet for the SJU Biodiversity Lab and owner of Radnor Veterinary Hospital, who specializes in orthopedics, endoscopy, and wildlife and exotic pet medicine.  Molly also began to lay the groundwork for a Senior Honors Thesis with Dr. Scott McRobert on the MeCP2 and other mutations in zebrafish that induce neurological disorders analogous to those in humans.   Southwell SSP12