College of Arts and Sciences


Program Description


Our program is designed for creative learners who are enthusiastic about discovering mathematics.  We believe that when smart kids are exposed to interesting math topics through guided self-discovery activities, the result is a good deal of learning and fun.   Participants will:

  • Learn about fractals by competing to make the best fractal movie.
  • Construct models of polyheda and explore their symmetries.
  • Compete at the game of dodge ball in order to understand Cantor’s proof that there are different sizes of infinity.
  • Compute the probabilities of being dealt different poker hands.
  • Solve optimization problems related to the shapes of bubbles.
  • Study prime numbers and modular arithmetic.
  • Work together to do what mathematicians do: explore an intriguing phenomenon, formulate precise conjectures about the underlying patterns, and eventually prove beautiful theorems.