College of Arts and Sciences

Technology Workshop for Humanities

Fine and Performing Arts

March 24, 2010
4:00-6:00 PM
Banquet Hall South, Campion Student Center 


  • VADS (Visual Arts Data Service): The Online Resource for Visual Arts offers over 100,000 searchable images free for use in education, under the categories of Collections, Resources, Services, and News about funded projects in the UK; it provides a lightbox for users to create personal collections.
  • The Library of Congress Performing Arts Encyclopedia offers a searchable database of subjects as well as special collections featuring primary and secondary material (visual and aural) for research on individuals, media, and themes.
  • RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects): The UK organization for architecture and the architectural profession sponsors this online Architecture Gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which lets viewers examine some 160 architectural models, drawings, designs, material samples and building fragments, offering audio commentaries, interactive style guides, videos, and touch objects.
  • Gateway Site:
    • Art History Resources on the Web by Christopher Witcombe is a gateway to art images and essays on sites all over the world (including Wikimedia Commons), easily searchable by period and place. It also contains links to research resources and museums and galleries.
    • Digital Librarian: Performing Arts by Margaret Vail Anderson provides links, briefly annotated and ordered alphabetically, to global sites (news, commercial, and not-for-profit) that deal with aspects of the performing arts.
Compiled by Barbara F. McManus and Ann R. Raia
The College of New Rochelle