College of Arts and Sciences

Technology Workshop for Humanities


March 24, 2010
4:00-6:00 PM
Banquet Hall South, Campion Student Center 


  • Ethics Updates: Created by Lawrence M. Hinman of the University of San Diego, this site offers many useful resources for ethics teachers and students, including bibliographical essays on ethical theories; videos of lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and online surveys on major contemporary ethical issues (applied ethics); and links to digitized philosophical texts. The site also presents 98 case studies, searchable according to ethical category, which could form the basis for many types of ethical investigation.
  • TPM Online: Games and Interactive Activities: This site offers eleven clever and engaging activities (such as “Do-It-Yourself Deity,” “Shakespeare vs. Britney Spears,” and “So you think you're logical?”) with explanatory results pages which enhance their educational value. The larger site, The Philosophers' Magazine Online, features online articles and reviews, interviews, and podcasts on philosophical topics.
  • Gateway Sites:
Compiled by Barbara F. McManus and Ann R. Raia
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