College of Arts & Sciences

The Villiger Speech and Debate Society


Laur Fiatoa ’14 (President)
Laur is excited to spend her last year at SJU with her team and completing a full 8 years of forensics. She competes in all three genres but Prose is by far her favorite. She enjoys watching weird indie films, contributing to an online music publication and lives by the motto of being the person her dog thinks she is.

Billy Dunn ’15 (Vice-President)
Hailing from Staten Island, New York, Billy is currently entering his 3rd year on the team. He is a Business Intelligence major and mainly specializes in interpretive events such as poetry, dramatic and duo. His hobbies are playing video games, playing the ukulele, and making people smile.

Salvatore Corasaniti ’14 (Secretary)
Salvatore Corasaniti is a senior International Relations major and entering his fourth and final year on the Villiger Team. Sal specializes in Limited Preparation and Public Address events, and loves learning about the world around him. His interests are Top Gear, The Capitols, and James Bond films.

Alix Philogene’16 (Co-Secretary)
Born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. Alix is currently on his 2nd year on the team and also is a member of the BSU. He enjoys listening to music, writing poetry, and scaring people. He enjoys events such as Persuasion, Poetry, and Duo.

Darby Rourick ’16 (Tournament Director)
Darby is a sophomore member of the Speech Team from Ankeny, Iowa. She is double majoring in English and Philosophy. This is her second year in college forensics and she will be competing in Limited preparation and Public address events. Outside of speech, Darby enjoys reading, bragging about the Midwest, napping, and watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother.

Genevieve Philbin ’16 (Treasurer)
Genevieve is a sophomore and is double-majoring in Film and English. She mainly competes in Interpretation events. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, exploring Philadelphia, and eating skittles.

Zaneta Bell ’15
Representing a fairly small and quaint part of Easton Pennsylvania! Zaneta is an International Business major at the University and she plans to participate limited preparation and Interpretive events. Among forensics, Zaneta enjoys singing, dancing, playing the piano, and learning about different cultures and languages.

Trent Emery ’16
Trent, a sophomore from Olney, MD, could not be more ecstatic to be a part of the Villiger Debate Society this year. This is his 6th year competing in forensics, taking on the challenge of Persuasion and After Dinner Speaking. He loves food more than he loves people (and is not ashamed to admit it) and has an unhealthy addiction to Netflix.

Caroline Byrne’17
Caroline Byrne, freshman, is moderately excited to be on the Villiger speech and debate team. She is a Psychology major and enjoys a piping cup of dark roast coffee. If stranded on a desert island she’d bring half baked-ice cream. Currently her events are extemp, prose, and poetry.

Robert Orlando ‘17
Robert is a Freshman Food Marketing Major from Staten Island, New York. This is his first year on the team and he hopes to compete in a bevy of interesting interp events. His hobbies are playing FIFA, working out, and making herb-infused water.

Abigail Gorman’17
Abigail Gorman is a freshman at SJU majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Music. his will be her fifth year doing speech. Her favorite events include Oral Interpretation of Prose, Poetry, Dramatic, and Duo Performance. When not donning a suit, Abigail enjoys traveling, singing, reading Jane Austen novels, and drinking tea with too much honey.