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Student Teaching

Student teaching is the culminating experience in the teacher preparation program.  It consists of a full time fourteen week internship, which is closely supervised by both a mentor teacher and a university supervisor.  Student teaching is arranged after all prerequisite course work is completed.  Graduate students must reserve fourteen weeks during the regular school year for student teaching.  In addition, all non-education prerequisite courses must be completed prior to student teaching.

Student teachers are required to apply for a student teaching placement by January 15 for the following Fall Semester and by May 15 for the following Spring Semester.  Applications are submitted electronically by clicking on the link below.   Letters of introduction and resumes must be submitted separately to the Administrative Assistant for Student Teaching and Field Experiences. Clearances must be uploaded on Blackboard. NO PLACEMENTS ARE RELEASED WITHOUT THE SUBMISSION OF CLEARANCES GOOD THROUGH THE END OF THE STUDENT TEACHING SEMESTER.

Student/Intern Teaching Application

Student teachers should become familiar with the information in the Student Teaching Handbook, and send this document to the mentor teacher.

Cooperating/Mentor Teacher Resource

Once a cooperating teacher is assigned, student teachers need to share the Power Point below, How to Ignite a Passion for Teaching: Mentoring a Student Teacher  

Student Teaching Handbooks
General Student Teaching Handbook
Special Education Graduate  Student Teaching Handbook (for SPE 638 or SPE 639) (Not yet posted)
Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Graduate Student Teaching Handbook (for SPE 739) (Not yet posted)

All student teachers will be registred for the appropriate Student Teaching Seminar, which meets one evening each week. 
A reference guide to help students through the process of applying to Student Teach
Exemplars of cover letter, resume and suggested guidelines