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Advisory Option—Teacher Certification in French, German, Italian, and Spanish

Students majoring in Modern Languages may minor in Education to obtain an Instructional I, Secondary Education (7-12) Teaching Certificate. Students seeking this certification are URGED to apply for the Education minor during the spring semester of their freshman year. While students continue meeting with their Modern Languages advisor, they will also be assigned an advisor in the Department of Education who will guide them through their required Education courses. The Education advisor will also assist students seeking teacher certification in formally applying for the teacher certification program, usually in the spring semester of their sophomore year. Students must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher to be accepted into the teacher certification program. Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher to obtain teacher certification upon graduation.

Students seeking the Education double major and teacher certification complete a sequence of five Education courses, three field experience labs, and a semester-long, full-time student teaching placement (for twelve credits).

Students majoring in French, German or Spanish need to complete a course in civilization and culture in their language area, as well as a course in either basic or applied linguistics, in order to qualify for certification in education.

Requirements for Departmental Honors

Requirements for departmental honors are found under Honors Program and in the brochure published annually by the Director of the Honors program.

Non-Native Language Courses outside the University

Students wishing to study a non-native language on either the introductory or intermediate level not offered at Saint Joseph’s University may be permitted to pursue such study at a four-year college or university of their choice. Permission will come from the appropriate academic Dean with the approval of the chair of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages.

In such cases, the student will pay Saint Joseph’s University full tuition, and Saint Joseph’s University will pay the institution in which the student is taking the course(s), an amount up to but not exceeding one fifth of the student’s semester tuition (excluding fees). If there is a tuition charge remaining at the institution where the courses are being taken, the student will be responsible for the remaining charges.

Upper Division Courses Taken in Study Abroad Programs

The Department will count a maximum of four upper division courses toward the major. This represents half of the upper division courses required. A total of three courses taken abroad may count for the minor.