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Advisory Option—Teacher Certification in Latin

Advisors in both Classics and the Education Department guide Latin students seeking teacher certification in Latin to use electives to fulfill the following courses required for certification:

Required Classics courses:

Ten courses selected from

LAT 201-202

Intermediate Latin

LAT 301


LAT 302

Republican Prose

LAT 303


LAT 304


LAT 305

Lyric Poetry

LAT 306

Roman Eleqy

LAT 401

Silver Age Latin

LAT 402

Golden Age Latin

LAT 403

Epic Poetry

LAT 404


LAT 410

Research Materials and Methods

CLA 201

Classical Mythology

CLA 302

The Art and Archaeology of Italy

CLA 303

Pompeii and Herculaneum: Life in the Roman Empire

CLA 304

Etruscan Art and Archaeology

GRK 101-102

Beginning Ancient Greek

GRK 201-202

Intermediate Ancient Greek

Education courses:

Please consult with advisors in the Department of Education.

Linguistics course:

In order to meet the certification requirements for Latin, students are required to take one course in linguistics.


Two courses selected from

CLA 202

Classical Epic: Gods and Heroes in Homer and Virgil

CLA 203

Classical Tragedy

CLA 301

The Art and Archaeology of Greece

CLA 305

Cleopatra Through Ancient and Modern Eyes

CLA 306

Ancient Medicine in Context

CLA 320

Golden Age of Rome

CLA 321

Sexuality & Gender in the Ancient World

CLA 493-494

Independent Research in Classics