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ART 173 Digital Photography I (3 credits)

This hands-on course teaches the fundamental principles of photography using the rapidly evolving technologies digital materials and equipment. Students will learn to use digital cameras, computers, scanners and digital pens as tools of their vision and their imagination. Weekly demonstrations and student shooting projects explore how elements of lighting, focus, tone, color shutter speed and framing can contribute to the impact and meaning of images. In the digital studio students will learn the basics of software image control and manipulation through the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. Each student will create a portfolio of color and black and white images using our high-end digital photo printers. No prerequisites. This can serve as a foundation course in photography for art majors and as a stand-alone course for non-majors. Students are encouraged to provide their own 4 megapixel or better digital camera. A limited number of digital SLR cameras and digital compact cameras may be borrowed by students without cameras.