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ART 239 Concepts and Art-making (3 credits)

Artists have always made work based on concepts; ideas upon which the image or process is based. For example, the Impressionists in the second half of the 19th century made work based on concepts relevant to the time, choosing to paint common, every day subjects in plein air. Those concepts affected the processes, materials, and subjects of their work. In this course we will explore how contemporary artists develop the concepts underpinning their work as well as develop our own conceptual thought concerning art-making. The focus each week will be on making our own work. In this regard we will be paying particular attention to the ideas that are motivating us to make the image in the first place, clarifying them by considering some of the factors that influence our ideas and consequently refining the process by which we pursue the development and actualization of those ideas. We will augment our own ideas by researching the concepts of a number of contemporary artists.

There will be no restrictions concerning the materials or medium, except those restrictions that we choose to place on ourselves as a result of the deepening understanding of our concepts and processes. The process of developing your own ideas in art is invaluable if you want to make art in the future; and if not, may simply alter your understanding of the next step you are going to take in your life, helping you to clarify your wants and desires.

This course may be taken as an independent study.