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ART 273 Digital Photography II (3 credits)

This second level photography course explores a broad range of topics in the creative use of digital photography. Using PhotoshopTM software, students will develop a high level of personal control of their images . Topics include natural light and artificial lighting, perception and use of color, digital toning and "hand coloring", combining multiple layers of images, creative masking, combining text and images, image web design, digital "silkscreen" techniques, film scanning, alternative image sources and digital fine printing of both color and black and white images.

Prerequisite: ART 173. Students may use either film or digital cameras in this course but students are encouraged to provide their own 4 megapixel or better digital camera. A limited number of digital SLR cameras and digital compact cameras may be borrowed by students without cameras. This course may be taken as an independent study with the instructor ‘s permission during years when it is not regularly scheduled.