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Art Department

Professor: McNally, S.J. (Chair)

Associate Professors: Fenton, Klein, Weeks

Assistant Professors: Cope, Hage, Smith

Visiting Assistant Professor:

Lecturers: Bonner, Brody,Elcin, Fallon, Fisher, Freese, Giuffre, Henderson, Moriuchi, Sanchez-Dallam, Stigora, Vaccaro, Zwilling


Through our curriculum and programs in the visual arts: drawing, painting, traditional photography, digital photography, sculpture, ceramics, mosaic, pottery and art history, we address our two primary objectives: to help our students to discover their personal creative potential and to help them develop an awareness of lasting cultural traditions.

The Art Department is the home of the University Gallery, and the University Collection. The University Gallery mounts five professional exhibitions and two student exhibitions each year in the University Gallery in Merion Hall.

Our curriculum embraces an array of media and varied approaches to their study. We offer three different types of courses: creative hands-on courses (e.g., Introduction to Studio Art, Sculpture, Traditional Photography, Digital Photography, Ceramics, Mosaics, Pottery): history courses (e.g., Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, Contemporary Art, The Experience of Architecture, etc.), and a service learning course (Art Education in the Schools). While the learning methods and emphases of these three types of courses differ, they each address our primary objectives.