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Biology in the GEP (See Curricula)

The GEP requires that all students take EITHER one semester of a lab-based natural science course (6 contact hours) OR two semesters of lecture-only natural science courses. Students who entered SJU in the fall of 2010 or later, or transfer students who entered SJU on the GEP and who wish to satisfy the natural science GEP by completing courses in Biology may do so by taking the first semester of the Biology majors, lab-based course sequence, BIO 101, or one of the lab-based, one-semester courses for non-science majors, as they become available. Alternatively, students may fulfill one or both semesters of the natural science GEP by completing one or two of the special one-semester lecture-only Biology courses designed for non-science majors listed below.

Non-science majors Biology GEP lecture-only courses:

BIO 160

Heredity and Evolution

BIO 161

The Human Organism

BIO 162

Plants and Civilization

BIO 164

Introductory Pharmacology (Pharmaceutical Marketing majors only)

Non-science majors Biology GEP lab-based courses:

BIO 163

Unseen Life on Earth

BIO 165

Exploring the Living World