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Business Administration

Professors: Simmers (Chair) George, Herschel

Associate Professors:Allen, Haverty, Sharma, Sillup


Students completing this major will:

  • Develop a basic understanding of the fundamentals in three business disciplines.
  • Tailor a program of study among related, but independent disciplines, providing a wider view of an organization.
  • Develop an understanding interpersonal and business issues associated with three different business subject areas.

If you want to launch a career in business, the Business Administration (BSA) major offers flexibility and choice. As a BSA major (no minor available) we provide you with the theory, tools and practical knowledge required for functioning within a general business environment. The major is for day HSB students interested in a general business degree at Saint Joseph’s University and addresses the needs of students wanting to major in Business without specializing. Your course of study can be tailored to your interests as you choose two courses from any three of the seven departments in HSB for a total of six courses