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Certificate in Health Care Ethics

Mark C. Aita, S.J., M.D., Program Director

Barbelin 112f, 610- 660-3427,

Program Description

The Certificate program in Health Care Ethics offers a distinctive program of studies to prepare individuals for the complex and growing field of biomedical ethics. The program seeks to provide graduate educational opportunities that will enable students to reflect systematically on contemporary issues in bioethics, medical research and healthcare principally through the prism of the intellectual heritage of the Roman Catholic philosophical and theological tradition.

Target Groups

The certificate program is a value-added component to the following graduate programs of Saint Joseph’s University: Health Administration, M.S. in Health Administration-Health Education Joint Degree or M.S. in Long Term Care Administrative Programs. Once students have completed their degree of choice, successfully completing 2 additional courses in Ethics will earn them their certificate.

The Certificate program in Health Care Ethics is also intended for those who wish to work or are working in the healthcare field, especially health care professionals, medical students nursing homes, Organizational Ethics Committees, and members of Institutional Review Boards.  It is predicted that in the near future members of Hospital Ethics Committees will be required to have academic certification in healthcare ethics. The Certificate program would prepare them well to handle the difficult ethical problems they face at each meeting. And it would provide the needed certification. The program is intended for all professionals in the healthcare field who wish to pursue a credentialed career or enhance their expertise in ethics.

Executives in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries would also profit from the Certificate program in Health Care Ethics. Clinical research and marketing pose moral questions for pharmaceutical executives. Moreover, healthcare management and allocation decisions also pose moral questions for insurance executives. The Certificate program in Health Care Ethics would help these executives navigate stormy ethical waters.Certificate Requirements

The certificate program requires each individual to take four courses.

Two of these courses will be required courses:

HAD 600

Ethics of Health Care

HAD 554

Health Care Law

Two elective courses:

HCE 571

Health Care Disparities

HCE 573

Death and Dying: Endo of LIfe Decision Making

HCE 574

Spirituality and Health Care

HAD 559

Health Policy

HAD 570

Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Disease & Disability

HED 552

Epidemiology and Community Health

HED 560

Aging in America

HED 573

Women and Healthcare

HED 577

Health Education and HIV/AIDS

(Alternative electives can be taken with the permission of the director)