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CLA 304 Etruscan Art & Archaeology (3 credits)

Once the masters of the Italian archipelago, the Etruscans have suffered at the pens of historians both ancient and modern; in redressing the record, archaeology has opened as many problems as it has solved. The Etruscans’ non-Indo-European language, wealth and technology set them apart from their Italic and Greek neighbors; though Romans adopted Etruscan religious doctrine and material culture, they ultimately conquered and eliminated this unique culture. This course examines the ancient written sources and the latest archaeological discoveries, from painted tombs and bronze armor to DNA, to identify the character of Etruscan civilization from 1000 BC to the days of Augustus, as well as its modern heritage. "Hands-on" visits to the world-class Etruscan collection in the University of Pennsylvania Museum will supplement illustrated lectures. Fulfills the Art/Literature requirement of the GER/GEP.