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CLA 320 The Golden Age of Rome (3 credits)

This course will explore the ways in which literature, the arts, architecture, and political ideology combined in the Rome of Octavian (63 BC-14 AD) between the death of Julius Caesar in 44 BC and the rise of Tiberius in 14 AD. This course will merge the fields of the literary critic, the philologist, the architect, the art historian, the archaeologist, the engineer; and the social historian. The readings have been carefully selected to promote the formation of a comprehensive overview without sacrificing the detailed point of view. They are intended to invite the student to find and to explore the causal nexus of these fields of endeavor. Contemporary and past historical events will be perceived in the florid iconography of the period; architecture and sculpture will have unique meaning; literature will have emblematic meaning not seen before at such a profound level. Satisfies the Art/Literature GER/GEP.