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Class Absences

Credit students are obliged to attend all classes and take all examinations. Absences totaling twice the number of hours the class meets a week will be permitted for illness or serious reasons. This means that in classes that meet once a week, two absences, and in classes that meet twice a week, four absences, are allowed without danger of failure due to absence. In six-week summer sessions, in classes that meet twice a week, two absences will be permitted; in once-a-week classes, no more than a total of six hours of classroom time. In eight week intensive courses, students may not miss more than a total of six hours of classroom time. For the maximum number of permitted absences, no excuse or doctor’s certificate is required; it will be assumed the absences are taken for serious cause only. All absences will be recorded. Faculty members cannot excuse absences.

Any and all absences beyond those above must be reported to the Associate Dean’s office.

Students, absent to excess, may be required to withdraw from the class concerned even though excuses are offered. Students who are absent to excess and do not complete the official withdrawal form will be recorded FA (failure for excessive absences) on their permanent records. This FA is equivalent to a FAILURE and will therefore lower a student’s grade point average. (Please see section titled Withdrawal from Courses).