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Classification of Students

Matriculated Students

Students who have met all entrance requirements and are accepted into a degree program are classified as matriculated students.

Non-Matriculated Students

Students who are allowed to take graduate courses provisionally because of academic deficiencies or conditionally because of an incomplete application are classified as non-matriculated students. Normally, such students may take no more than four courses before they are either reclassified or rejected. If accepted into a degree program, all such courses may be applied to the program requirements.

Isolated Credit Students

Students who have not been formally accepted into a graduate program may be allowed by the appropriate graduate director to take courses as isolated credit students. Normally, no more than two graduate courses taken under this classification may be applied to a degree program.

Audit Students

Students may elect to enroll in a course on an audit basis or may elect to change from a graded and credit status to audit. Although audit students receive no credit for the course, they are expected to attend class, may participate in examinations and class discussions, and may enjoy all of the privileges of for-credit students. A grade of X is placed on the official record to indicate the audit status. An audit status may not be changed to a credit status. Audit students are charged the full tuition rate.

Visiting Students

Students in good standing in a graduate program at another accredited educational institution may take graduate courses on a visiting student basis if they provide a letter from the head of the graduate program of their degree-granting school stating that they are in good standing and that the institution will accept the course for credit. Visiting students must complete a graduate school application and pay the appropriate application fee.