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Cognate Courses

Cognate courses are courses that, although not directly related to the functions of a para-legal, deal with subjects that are related to the field. Students should carefully choose the cognate courses that are most appropriate to their particular career goals. Students do not have to take cognate courses. They may choose to meet all requirements by taking only upper division Legal Studies (LAW) courses. Students who already have earned a para-legal certificate prior to matriculating at Saint Joseph’s University may take up to four cognate courses. Students who do not have the certificate may take up to two cognate courses as part of their major requirements.

The following courses may be taken as cognate courses to satisfy requirements for the Bachelor’s degree:

DSS 330

Database Management (prerequisite: DSS 200)

MHC 220

Introduction to Managing Human Capital

MHC 221

Diversity in the Workplace

MGT 243

Negotiation Skills

FBE 360

Business Law for Entrepreneurial Firms

POL 310

Constitutional Politics

POL 311

Civil Rights and Liberties

POL 313

Public Policy

POL 314

Public Administration

SOC 253

Legal Methods: The Study of Law

SOC 269

Introduction to Law Enforcement