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Course Descriptions

The following sections list the academic departments in alphabetical order and include descriptions of courses offered. In these descriptions, "lower division" refers to freshman and sophomore level courses; "upper division" to junior and senior level courses. Course numbers give an indication of the intended level; 100-200 are introductory courses, and 300-400 are advanced courses.

The departmental sections also include general descriptions of major and minor programs offered. All courses offered in an academic department are not listed here. Only course offerings frequently offered in CPLS are included. For other course descriptions, refer to the day section of this catalog. Where departments offer more than one major, each program is described separately within the same departmental section. The table of contents and the index will provide help in finding the information required. Detailed information on the course and credit requirements for the various programs is found in the Program Requirements section in the center of the Catalog.

Revisions are made from time to time in course numbers and required curricula. For this reason, students should review the appropriate portions of the Catalog periodically. Students are warned to avoid registering for a course previously taken under another name or number. If in doubt, consult the academic advisors.

The College of Professional and Liberal Studies will offer courses in an appropriate sequence. Students are responsible for informing themselves on prerequisites before registering for courses.

The College of Professional and Liberal Studies reserves the right to withdraw any courses for which the number of registered students is not adequate. Not every course listed is to be offered every semester; students should visit the College of Professional and Liberal Studies web site at for up-to-date information regarding course offerings.