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Curriculum for the Master of Science in Food Marketing

The Master of Science degree in Food Marketing requires successful completion within six (6) years of 19 courses, including 9 electives, and a minimum GPA of 3.0. Courses are distributed as follows:

Marketing Strategy and Policy (2 courses required)

FMK 710

Problem Solving for Food Marketing Managers

FMK 711

Food Marketing Management

FMK 712

How to Prepare and Use the Annual Marketing Plan

FMK 713

Food Marketing Strategy: A Warfare Approach

FMK 714

Strategy and Tactics of Food Pricing

FMK 715

Competitive Analysis

FMK 716

Turning Customer Service into Customer Delight

FMK 717

Ethnic Marketing

FMK 718

Creating and Measuring Customer Value

FMK 719

Private Label Sales and Marketing Strategies

FMK 720

Market Segmentation and Targeted Marketing

Marketing Research (1 courses required)

FMK 721

Qualitative Research Techniques in Food Marketing Research

FMK 722

Quantitative Research Techniques in Food Marketing Research

FMK 723

Food Advertising Research

FMK 724

Marketing Intelligence & Secondary Sources

FMK 725

Understanding the Food Customer and Consumer



Innovation and Product Development (1 course required)

FMK 719

Private Label Sales and Marketing

FMK 726

New Product Planning

FMK 761

Food Technology and Packaging

FMK 762

Nutrition: Issues for Food Marketers

Promotion (1 courses required)

FMK 731

How to Create Effective Food Advertising

FMK 732

Making Consumer Promotions More Effective

FMK 733

Making Trade Promotions More Effective

Food Marketing Channels and Distribution (2 courses required)

FMK 751

Supply Chain Management

FMK 752

Category Management/Retail Partnership

FMK 753

Trends in Food Retailing

FMK 754

Retailing Tour

FMK 763

Food Marketing and Retail Technology

FMK 771

The Food Service Industry

FMK 772

Foodservice Industry

FMK 773

On-site and Commercial Foodservice

International and Ethnic Food Marketing (2 courses required)

FMK 717

Ethnic Food Marketing

FMK 741

International Food Business

FMK 742

International Marketing: Emerging Markets

FMK 743

International Marketing: Developed Markets

Special Topics in Food Marketing

FMK 781

Independent Study in Food Marketing

FMK 783

Future Issues in Food Marketing

FMK 784

Food Industry Summit

Required Course

FMK 789

Social and Ethical Issues in Food

Capstone (required; 3.0; prerequisite; successful completion of 15 courses)

FMK 799

Master of Science in Food Marketing Capstone

†Prerequisite required.