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Degree Requirements for M.S. in Computer Science: Concentration Option

A total of ten (four core and six elective) courses is the minimum for obtaining an M.S. degree in Computer Science in any of the following concentrations:

  • Software Engineering
  • Web and Database Technologies
  • Graphics and Visualization
  • System Security and Management
  • Information Sciences

Requirements for Four Core Courses: Students who do not need prerequisite courses take the following two required core courses during their first and second semesters, respectively:

CSC 550 (4005)

Object Oriented Design and Data Structures

CSC 551 (4015)

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

The two elective core courses are taken from the following list:

CSC 552 (4025)

Computer Architecture

CSC 553 (4035)

Computer Systems

CSC 554 (4045)

Theory of Computation

CSC 610 (5105)

Software Engineering

CSC 621 (5215)

Database Systems

CSC 680 (5805)

Artificial Intelligence

CSC 681 (5815)

Programming Paradigms

A student who receives a grade lower than a B in any core course must retake the course.

Requirements for Six Elective (Concentration) Courses:

Students take four courses from the same concentration plus any other two CSC courses numbered 600 and above to receive a specialized M.S. degree from that concentration:

Software Engineering Concentration

CSC 610 (5105)

Software Engineering

CSC 611 (5115)

Human Computer Interfaces

CSC 612 (5125)

Program Verification

CSC 613 (5135)

Software Testing

Web and Database Technologies Concentration

CSC 620 (5205)

Internet Application Development

CSC 621 (5215)

Database Systems

CSC 622 (5225)

Advanced Database Concepts

CSC 623(5235)

Data Communications and Networking

CSC 624 (5245)

Networks and Distributed Systems

CSC 625 (5255)

Cryptography and Network Security

CSC 626 (5265)

Web Technologies

Graphics and Visualization Concentration

CSC 630 (5305)

Introduction to Computer Graphics

CSC 631 (5315)

Computer Vision

CSC 632 (5325)

Interactive 3D Game Development

CSC 633 (5335)

Advanced Graphics and Visualization

CSC 634 (5345)

Computational Geometry

System Security and Management Concentration

CSC 640 (5405)

Advanced Operating Systems

CSC 641 (5415)

System Security and Vulnerability

CSC 642 (5425)

System Management & Maintenance

CSC 625 (5255)

Cryptography and Network Security

Information Sciences Concentration*

ACC 550
(MBA 4115)

Creating and Measuring Shareholder Value

MGT 551
(MBA 4535)

Empowering Human Potential at Work

Two Business Courses

Chosen in consultation with the Graduate Computer Science Director

*Students whose business background is deficient may be required to take one or both of the following in addition to any mathematics or computer science prerequisite courses required: ACC 500 (MBA 3115) Accounting Concepts, MGT 500 (MBA 3515) Managing Work Organizations.