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Degree Requirements for M.S. in Computer Science: General Option

A total of ten (six core and four elective) courses is the minimum required for the M.S. in Computer Science with General Option. Of these, a maximum of two courses may be for an approved research project.

Requirements for Six Core Courses: Students take the following six core courses:

CSC 550 (4005)

Object Oriented Design and Data Structures

CSC 551 (4015)

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CSC 552 (4025)

Computer Architecture

CSC 553 (4035)

Computer Systems

CSC 554 (4045)

Theory of Computation

CSC 610 (5105)

Software Engineering

A student who receives a grade lower than a B in a core course must retake the course.

Requirements for Four Elective Courses: Students take any four CSC courses numbered 600 and above.