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Early Graduation/Acceleration

While the normal degree program requires eight semesters’ attendance, students may seek the Dean’s approval for an accelerated program.

Extraordinary academic achievement on the pre-college level, through Advanced Placement and similar programs, may, at the discretion of the appropriate Dean, significantly reduce the normal semester requirement. Students should request the Dean’s evaluation of their pre-college work before the end of the freshman year.

Other superior students may, for sound academic reason, request permission to accelerate their degree programs. Such acceleration is limited to ten courses or one academic year. After consultation with their faculty advisors and department chairs, interested students petition their Dean, ordinarily in the spring semester of the sophomore year but not later than the fall semester of the junior year, to approve a plan of acceleration. If the plan of acceleration includes summer session courses, not more than three courses may be scheduled for any one summer. The normal limitation of five degree courses in other institutions applies to accelerated programs. Transfer students with five courses or more in other institutions or other divisions of Saint Joseph’s University are not eligible for program acceleration. Tuition charges are based on the prevailing rates in the school in which the students will receive their degrees.