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EDU 242/242F Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Early Childhood (3 credits)

This course provides multiple approaches to the critical linked processes of assessment, curriculum development, and instruction of young children. National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards as well as state and federal early learning standards, and guidelines for personnel preparation in early childhood education will be used to structure early learner curriculum and developmentally appropriate programs. Topics of study include: planning and preparation; implementing thematic units and child-centered studies using appropriate curricular materials, scope and sequence; and resources and strategies for student-centered assessments which address academic, cultural and linguistic differences.

Prerequisites: EDU 150, EDU 151

EDU 246/246F Literacy, Language and Culture (3 credits)

This course introduces education majors to key theories, issues, and practices related to promoting the language and literacy development of culturally and linguistically diverse students (Pre-K - 8), with a special focus on English language learners (ELLs). Candidates will learn how to use the PA Language proficiency standards and PA academic standards to plan instruction in a culturally and linguistically diverse setting. Assigned readings, class discussions, videos, library and online.

EDU 247 Literacy in the Content Areas (f. EDU 2311) (3 credits)

Teaching and using of reading skills in various content fields in middle and secondary schools; problems in reading textbooks, special needs in different curriculum areas, general and specific reading skills, study methods, critical reading, and adjustment to individual differences. Special focus on the use of audiovisual materials in the classroom is a core element of the course.

Prerequisites: EDU 150, 157

EDU 248/248F Writing in the Upper Grades (3 credits)

This course examines the development of upper elementary and adolescent writers and ways of using writing process pedagogy to advance their writing abilities. Prerequisites: EDU 150, 157