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EDU 418/418F Instructional Techniques for Science* (f. EDU 2361) (3 credits)

This course is intended to assist students in the development of their individual instructional styles and strategies. Well-conceived and effective curriculum and instruction are based upon both an understanding of the adolescent and the nature of science. Instructional techniques ranging from lecture and demonstrations to laboratory and computer simulations will be modeled and analyzed. Issues in classroom management and safety, among other topics, will be explored.

This course is taken in conjunction with the pedagogy course in Science. Students will be placed in a secondary classroom where they will study issues related to teaching pedagogy. All of these courses in instructional methodology include discussion of and practice in instructional management, student motivation, the implications of learning theory for classrooms, the identification of instructional resources, and procedures for the measurement of student achievement. Students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in these skills for successful completion of the course.

Prerequisites: EDU 150, 157, SPE 150.