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EDU 610 Instructional Techniques English (4125) (3 credits)

Intensive study and practice of teaching modalities and classroom management strategies appropriate for a secondary classroom. The study of curriculum resources in the student’s area of certification is included. Topics in the course include instructional management, student motivation, the implications of learning theory for classrooms, and the procedures for the measurement of student achievement. Students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in these skills for successful completion of the course. EDU 611 (4126) is a required link with this course.

Prerequisite: EDU 653 (4105).

EDU 610F FE Instructional Techniques English (4126) (1 credits)

This is a one-credit lab that enables students to apply their theoretical understandings of pedagogical theory in actual classrooms. Students investigate the relationship between concept development specific to the discipline and critical thinking.