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EDU 625 Theory and Practice for Secondary Teaching (4205) (3 credits)

This course studies the content and methods for teaching the five PA certification disciplines: English, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, and Citizenship. National, state, and local standards are examined, which students consider in relation to curriculum design and pedagogy. Backward Design, a method for developing lessons and units, provides a common organizing framework that fosters good teaching. For part of the course, students study within their own discipline, interacting with texts that discuss curriculum frameworks, the planning of lessons and units, pedagogical content knowledge, and assessment. Ten models of teaching that are applicable to all disciplines are explored in detail. As students develop units of study, they gain practice in using these models and the Backward Design method.

EDU 625F FE: Theory and Practice for Secondary Teaching (4205) (1 credit)

This is a one-credit lab that enables students to apply their knowledge of curriculum design and pedagogy to a secondary classroom.