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FBE 330 Social Enterprise and Social Change (3 credits)

This course introduces students to the concepts of social enterprising as a means to promote social change. The course begins with a look at the ethical foundations inherent in the initiation of social change, namely moral rights and the justice perspectives on moral reasoning. The course then turns to an exploration into how social enterprising can be used as a vehicle to address injustice and promote social change. Topics in this section include recognizing opportunities for social change, planning and organizing the social venture, funding and scaling the social enterprise, and measuring social impact. Students will have the opportunity to interact with management of a social venture and apply the skills learned.

For Business School students the prerequisites are MGT110, MGT120, or MGT121 (all versions of Essentials of Management or Essentials of Organizational Behavior freshman courses) and PHL154 Moral Foundations. For all other students the prerequisites are PHL154 Moral Foundations and approval by the Chair of the Department of Management. Ethics Intensive certification pending.