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Professors: Hogan, McManus

Associate Professors: Coyne, Danielson, Heck, Lipton, Sharma (Chair), Tezel, Webster

Assistant Professors: Cummings, Jubinski, Miller, Schellhorn

Lecturer: Dean, Dwyer


The Department of Finance offers majors in Finance, Financial Planning, and Risk Management & Insurance. Each curriculum is rooted in financial theory and practice, and is updated frequently to reflect the rapid changes in technology and world economic conditions. Students in these majors develop excellent critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, in preparation for careers as financial decision-makers

Finance Major

The Finance major introduces students to the financial decision-making process as it is applied within both large and small enterprises, and as it is practiced by investment professionals. The Finance major provides students with the flexibility to choose between careers in corporate financial management, treasury management, investor relations, securities analysis/sales, portfolio management, mutual fund research, and financial markets analysis