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French Studies

The French Studies major is an interdisciplinary program designed for students whose interests include the study of French language and literature, as well as fine arts, history, international relations, philosophy and political science. Course requirements for the major in French Studies are as follows:

  • One course in French or Francophone culture/civilization;
  • Five courses in French language and literature of which two will be at the 300-level or above and three at the 400 level;
  • Four approved advanced courses distributed among at least two departments.

Appropriate courses include the following:

ART 208

Modern Art 1850-1860

ART 209

Contemporary Art

ART 211

Art at the Barnes Foundation

HIS 321

French Revolution and Napoleon

HIS 325

France 1814-1914

PHL 436

French Existentialism

Students in French or French Studies are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad program in France or Quebec, Canada. Please see Study Abroad. Courses from other institutions must be pre-approved by the program director.