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HCE 572 Social Justice and Bioethics (3 credits)

This course will examine how social justice is addressed in bioethics. Attention will be paid to the relationship between micro-ethics and macro-ethics. Different theories of justice will be presented along with specific moral problems facing contemporary health care. These may include globalization, recourse allocation, rationing, access to health care, preventative medicine and public health (e.g., which may include how we responsibly attend to epidemics, outbreaks, and/or bioterrorist attacks), compensation for organs or participation in research protocols (e.g., egg donation for SCNT and stem cell technology), and managed care and the role of evidence-based medicine. In addition, the course may include a section on how decisions are made from a social perspective on research agendas (i.e. why do we/should we pursue high-tech, high-priced medicine versus allocating those funds to do other initiatives).