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Health Education

Nakia Henderson, M.S., H.Ed. /H.A. Graduate Director, Department of Health Services

100 Post Hall, 610-660-2952,

Sara Kuykendall, Ph. D. Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Health Services

110 Post Hall 610-660-1530,

Program Description

The MS degree in Health Education has been developed using the competency based health educator model as defined by the Society of Public Health Educators (SOPHE) and the National Commission on Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC). These competencies form the foundation of this curriculum:

  • Assess individual and community needs for health education
  • Plan effective health education programs
  • Implement health education programs
  • Evaluate health education programs
  • Coordinate the provision of health services
  • Act as a resource in health education
  • Communicate health and health education needs, concerns, and resources
  • Apply appropriate research principles and methods in health education
  • Administer health education programs
  • Advance the profession of health education

The Master’s curriculum in Health Education consists of twelve courses of 36 credit hours. Five courses or 15 credit hours are the core courses of the program. The remaining courses are selected from the Health Studies module and the Sociology/Education/Administration module.

Admission Requirements and Procedure

Students seeking admission to the master’s program in Health Education need to have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university that shows course work taken in the natural sciences and the social sciences. Courses taken in education and the human development fields are also acceptable.

The Department uses a portfolio approach to admission, considering grade point average, previous work experience, a 500 word essay dealing with personal goals and objectives, and letters of recommendation. Applicants may be asked to schedule an interview with faculty members if additional information or clarification is needed to continue pursuing their candidacy. Applicants should submit or have sent to the Office of Graduate Operations the following:

  • a completed Saint Joseph’s University graduate application.
  • official sealed transcript(s) of undergraduate/graduate coursework. If you are a SJU graduate the Office of Graduate Operations will obtain your SJU transcripts for you.
  • a current resumé
  • two letters of recommendation from at least two faculty appraising the candidate’s promise and capacity for graduate study, reflecting, from a professional’s point of view, the candidate’s ability to pursue a rigorous, independent course of study at the graduate level.
  • a personal statement outlining the candidate’s professional goals and educational objectives for the program, including the applicant’s rationale for program choice and professional study.
  • $35 application fee – waived if attended an Open House or an SJU graduate.
  • A background in health care preferred.

Acceptance and Enrollment

The Committee on Admissions will decide whether the academic record, recommendations, personal statements, and professional background of candidates indicate sufficient ability to manage the program of studies in this curriculum. In the case of applicants whose GPA is below 2.75 the committee may request scores from the Graduate record Exam (GRE). Applicants will be notified in writing regarding their admission status. Candidates are admitted for enrollment to begin in either the fall, spring, or summer sessions. Qualified applicants may take up to two courses prior to full matriculation, with the approval of the program director.

Degree Requirements

To earn the master’s degree in Health Education, students must satisfactorily complete twelve courses (36 credit hours). Up to two graduate level courses (6 credit hours) may be transferred in from another institution to substitute for two courses in the University’s Health Education curriculum if approved by the program director.