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History Courses

Upper Division Courses (203 or higher level)

Courses above the survey level will ordinarily be offered in a two-to-three year cycle, meaning that those not taught in the current academic year will be offered the following year or two. New or revised courses not currently listed in the catalog may be added.

Seminars, Directed Reading, and Research Courses (HIS 470-HIS 494)

At least two seminars will be scheduled each semester, with the topics and professors announced in advance. Topics will vary. Each will offer the opportunity for in-depth study of a specialized area and for creation of a major research project. Seminars are currently offered in the following areas: American History, Asian History, European History, and Latin American History

Directed Readings Courses are also offered in the above areas. Each course is a study of significant themes and periods in the designated area under the direction of a tutor. Frequent consultations and written reports are required. The topics studied will be listed on the student’s transcript. Prior approval from the chair is required. Normally reading courses are restricted to students in the Honors Program.

HIS 493-494 Honors Research and Independent Study. This course requires both independent research leading to the successful completion of an honors essay and passing a department comprehensive examination.