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Professors: Carter, Miller, Sibley, Smith

(emeritus), Warren

Associate Professors: Keefe, Lewin, (chair),

Assistant Professor: Abbas, Chakars ,Close, Hyson

Visiting Assistant Professors: Klacynska

Lecturers: Burns, Casino, Fridirici, Maher, Reader, Swidler, Zeman

David H. Burton Postdoctoral Fellow: Hooper

The Department of History helps students develop the awareness of the qualitative differences between historical eras, and encourage: a sense of the past; a degree of familiarity with the political, social, economic, cultural and institutional developments which have shaped the contemporary world; and an understanding of history as a field of intellectual inquiry.

In its general survey courses the Department strives to orient students to the cultural and social milieu in which they find themselves and to acquaint them with important people, ideas, movements, and events in the past.

The Department’s more specialized courses emphasize less the acquisition of factual knowledge than the investigation, from various points of view, of the ideas and institutions—religious, political, social, and economic—through which people have endeavored to order their world. These courses serve also to acquaint the student with some of the problems of historiography and the basic tools of research.

With its emphasis on research, writing, and critical analysis, the history program has proved to be an excellent background for students who take up careers in business, law, communications, public service, and education. Internship opportunities add to such preparation.