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Honors Degrees

Students who successfully complete their General Honors requirements and either a Departmental Honors or University Scholar project qualify for the special degree Bachelor of Arts (Honors) or Bachelor of Science (Honors), whichever is appropriate. The distinctiveness of these degrees is acknowledged on the diploma and on the student’s transcript.


The enriched GER/GEP curriculum offered by the Honors Program broadens cultural interests, integrates knowledge, hones writing skills, and encourages active student involvement in the learning process. Departmental Honors promotes independent academic work and mentoring relationships with the University faculty.

The General Honors curriculum consists of intellectually challenging courses, some of which are interdisciplinary, year-long courses. Students may use their Honors courses to satisfy the GER/GEP and, sometimes, to lessen their number. In some cases, students may also use Honors courses to satisfy major or minor requirements.