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IHS 243 Helping and Healing: Ethics, Community, and Personal Transformation (3 credits)

This course will provide students with a hands-on practicum-style learning environment and explores health-related counseling theories and techniques to build the skills necessary for engaging with patients and clients as future health professionals. Using a three-phase approach which merges contemporary health issues (e.g. violence, addiction, overweight/obesity) with skill-building activities, students develop the basic skills needed for effective one-on-one, group, and crisis counseling to support prevention and treatment of disease. Students will gain competencies including but not limited to: interviewing techniques; active listening; decision making; problem-solving; and factors affecting energy, control, and symptoms of patients and clients. The course will also emphasize basic models in counseling (e.g. behavioral counseling; Gestalt, Rational-Emotive and Rogerian therapies; crisis counseling) and proven helping techniques. Upon completion, students will be able to critically assess, discuss, and demonstrate effective counseling and assessment with individuals and groups.