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IHS 248 Health and the School-aged Child (3 credits)

This course introduces students to some of the unique health issues faced by the school-aged child. In contemporary society, schools have become one of the primary avenues of health care; the school is responsible for assuring that a child has received all of his/her required vaccinations and regular health examinations. Schools provide routine health screenings for diseases such as high blood pressure, and often are the first to notice mental health problems such as Depression, ADHD, eating disorders, and addictions. In addition, schools are required to provide regular health education programs relative to prevention of illness, physical fitness, and sex education. Issues such as coping with childhood chronic illnesses including Type I Diabetes and Asthma, what happens when a child is diagnosed with cancer, AIDS, a learning or physical disability, or Depression, as well as the importance of proper nutrition, physical fitness, mental health, and the reduction of risky health behavior will be addressed.