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International Business


Associate Professors Mauri

Assistant Professors:Neiva

The following faculty teach courses in the IB Program: Buckley (German),Childs (Food Marketing), Daniel (French), Giuli (Italian), Haverty (Accounting), Hogan (Finance), Kelley (Marketing),Liebman (Economics), Manghisi (Italian), McDevitt (Management), Neiva (Management), Sharma (Finance), Smith (Marketing), Stanton (Food Marketing), Zmurkewycz (Spanish)


This program, one of two majors offered by the Department of Management and International Business, is designed to provide interested students with the tools, theory, and practical knowledge required to function in an international business environment. Emphasis in the program is on acquiring essential international business skills. The program is designed with reference to various other international business degree programs and focuses on both the U.S. business environment and on the differences between the business environment in the U.S. and foreign countries. Students who major in International Business also have the option of selecting a related minor such as, for example, Latin American Studies, Asian Studies, Economics, International Relations Political Science, as well as a minor in a modern foreign language.

The objective of the program is to prepare students for an entry-level domestic position at a multinational corporation. Overseas assignments usually come after a few years with a company, although they may come faster if the student possesses specialized skills needed by the company in its foreign operations. In addition many opportunities exist domestically to advance to positions of coordinating international activities. Furthermore, the major provides the opportunity for students to develop a proficiency in a language of their choice.