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International Relations

Director: Carter

Committee on International Relations Major: Baglione, Carter, Fukuoka,Liebman, Pardo, Sibley

International Relations is a degree program that offers the student a truly interdisciplinary course of studies. The major concentration emphasizes modern history, economics, and political science. The IR faculty encourages its majors to enhance the interdisciplinary nature of their studies by taking a double major or a minor concentration in modern language, economics, history, political science, business, or one of the interdisciplinary and area studies programs that the University offers (Asian Studies, European Studies, Latin American Studies, Gender Studies, American Studies); by studying abroad; and/or by participating in the Washington and Philadelphia Internship Programs.

Students majoring in International Relations acquire valuable skills in communication and analysis, independent judgment, appreciation of different societies and cultures, and knowledge of world affairs and trends, all of which are critical in the increasingly global environment of today and tomorrow.

International Relations is a major rooted in the Jesuit tradition of liberal arts, especially suited to those whose orientation may be toward graduate or legal studies, government service, international business, communications, and education.