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ITA 306 The Roman Experience (3 credits)

The purpose of this course is to improve students’ oral and written command of Italian through an intensive full-immersion presentation of the structures and stylistics of the language. The course is organized thematically around two main areas: issues in contemporary society and Roman literary, artistic and social landscapes. Students will read twentieth-century writers’ appreciation of Rome, and newspaper articles on local cultural and social issues. While visiting sites described in the readings, interviewing the denizens on local issues, and observing the art and architecture that has left its imprint on western civilization as we know it, students will be asked to comment on their observations both in writing and in group conversation. They will acquire a very personal appreciation of the meraviglie di Roma and will formulate oral and written analyses on social, historical and artistic subjects. Conducted in Italian.

Prerequisite: ITA 301-302 or permission of the instructor. Satisfies the GER/GEP Art/Lit Requirement.