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ITA 445 The Medici Court: Poetry, Patronage and the Art of Power (3 credits)

For the Medici, art and propaganda went hand in hand. This interdisciplinary course investigates the city and family that nurtured artists and humanists [including Brunelleschi, Fra Angelico, Donatello, Botticelli, Poliziano and Michelangelo]. Tracing the rise and fall of the dynasty, we will consider how the Medici fashioned an enduring image of princely power though architecture and music. We will study a variety of texts, including painting, sculpture, poetry and intimate letters exchanged between family members. This course will be complemented by visiting the Medici Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Conducted in Italian.

Prerequisite ITA 301 or permission of the instructor. Satisfies the GER/GEP Art/Literature requirement.