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The Italian major emphasizes the acquisition of competence in spoken and written Italian, a sound understanding of the structures of modern Italian, and the ability to analyze texts from a variety of periods. The Italian Major and the Italian Double Major have become popular in combination with either a Minor or Major in the Arts, in the Sciences or in Business. They offer a variety of international career opportunities. All courses for the Italian Minor and Major/Double Major concentrate on Italian culture, literature, film, art and business. All courses are offered in Italian. The approval of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages is needed both for the Minor and the Major/Double Major.

Course requirements for the major in Italian are as follows:

10 courses (30 credits) , including ITA 201 and 202 and eight courses at the 300 level or higher. 201/202 are waived if the language placement process determines that the student ought to begin studies in Italian in a course at a higher level.

2 of the following 9 course in the Culture subject area:

ITA 302

Italian Composition

ITA 303

Advanced Italian Conversation and Composition

ITA 306

The Roman Experience

ITA 310

Dalla lettura alla creativita: Texts, Contexts and Style in Italian Literature

ITA 315

Italy through Art

ITA 320

Italian through Film

ITA 330

The Italian Business World and its language

ITA 340

Italian Culture and Civilization

ITA 350

Topics and Methods for Teaching Italian

1 of the following 5 courses in the Medieval/Early Modern subject area:

ITA 380

Italian Journeys: from Marco Polo to Global Tourism

ITA 425

The Artist and the Madman in the Renaissance and Reformation

ITA 440

Profane and Sacred Love in Medieval and Renaissance Literature

ITA 445

The Medici Court: Poetry, Patronage and the Art of Power

ITA 460

The Dawn of the Renaissance: Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio

2 of the following 9 courses in the Modern subject area:

ITA 360

Modern Italian Culture

ITA 370

Italian Society and the Media

ITA 401

Early Italian Cinema: from the Stage to the Screen

ITA 402

L'italiano al cinema: Neorealism to the Present

ITA 420

From Novel to Film

ITA 430

Images of Rome: Papal Rome to the Present

ITA 435

Rebels and Revolutionaries

ITA 450

Italy in the Age of the Grand Tour

ITA 455

Womens's Voices in 20th. Century Italian Fiction

The remaining ITA credits must include ITA courses at the 300 or 400 levels.

Major in Italian Studies

The requirements for the Italian Studies major are 10 courses, of which 6 must be ITA courses at the 200, 300, or 400 level (conducted entirely in Italian). The remaining 4 courses may be conducted in English, and are interdisciplinary courses spanning a variety of disciplines, including Art, English, History, Music, Linguistics, Philosophy and Classics.