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ITS 610 Applying Theories of Learning to Interactive Technologies (5345) (3 credits)

Applying theories of learning to interactive technologies is a three credit graduate level course designed for educators, prospective educators, and corporate trainers. This course provides an in-depth study of the theoretical foundation of learning and instruction as they apply to the interactive Technologies. Students will examine the importance of understanding the learning process in creating effective instruction for education or industry. Various models of learning will be explored, including information Processing and the major philosophies of the Behaviorist, Constructivist, and Cognitivist approaches. Newer learning theories for a technology age such as Connectivism, Technology Pedagogy and Content Knowledge, and Social learning Theory will also be considered. The Adult Learning Theory will be studied, of particular relevance for participants interested in designing instruction for higher education or the corporate environment. Students will determine their own personal style of learning and instruction. Additionally, the use of technologies that address the needs of second language learners and those with intellectual or cultural differences will be examined.