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Joint DO/MBA Program in Health and Medical Services Administration

In cooperation with the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Saint Joseph’s University offers an opportunity for PCOM medical students to qualify for the degrees of MBA and DO in a total of five years. This joint degree offers future physicians the opportunity to gain the business management expertise needed to complement their medical training to successfully run a private practice or manage in a health-care setting, by earning DO and MBA degrees concurrently.

This five-year joint degree program allows PCOM students to complete both the DO and MBA degrees with only one additional year of study. As a five-year track, the DO/MBA program represents a cooperative agreement in which a number of standard premedical courses and PCOM courses are accepted for credit by the University.

A major feature is the ability to pursue uninterrupted medical education at PCOM while also completing the MBA course requirements at Saint Joseph’s University. The flexible PCOM medical curriculum allows students to complete their second year clinical didactic courses over a two-year period.

Upon completion of the standard first year at PCOM and acceptance into the joint degree program, students begin business studies in the Saint Joseph’s University summer session. The following fall and spring semesters, the medical course-load is reduced to half-time while two evening business courses are completed each semester in the MBA program. This schedule is repeated the next summer and subsequent fall and spring semesters, during which the PCOM sophomore year and all remaining MBA requirements are completed.

Upon completion of the two-year combined curriculum, the MBA degree is awarded by Saint Joseph’s University. After completion of full-time medical education in junior and senior clinical rotations, the DO degree is awarded at PCOM’s annual commencement ceremonies with special recognition of the dual degree.