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LAT 403 Epic Poetry (3 credits)

Translation, discussion, literary and historical and metrical analysis of selected passages from Vergil’s Aeneid. Highlighted passages will include Aeneas’ arrival in Carthage and encounters with Venus and Dido (Aeneid book 1), Aeneas’ narration of Troy’s final hours (Aeneid book 2), the tragedy of Dido and Aeneas (Aeneid book 4), and the pageant of future Roman heroes (Aeneid book 6). We will explore the following topics: the development of Roman epic, Vergil’s indebtedness to Homer, Augustan policy as viewed in the Aeneid, the quality of pietas as embodied in Vergil’s hero Aeneas, the role of women in epic and Augustan Rome as exemplified in Aeneas’ treatment of Creusa and Dido, and Vergil’s focus on human suffering and personal sacrifice. Fulfills the Art/Literature requirement of the GER/GEP.