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LAT 404 Horace (3 credits)

This course in the poetry of Horace will engage us in translation, discussion, and literary and historical analysis of selections from the Satires and Odes. We will explore topics such as the development of satire as a genre at Rome, Horace’s debt to Lucilius, his use of autobiographical material and creation of the Horatian persona in his poems, his introduction into the circle of Maecenas and his defense against accusations about his social and political ambitions, his indebtedness to his Greek models in lyric (chiefly Sappho and Alcaeus), and his literary and aesthetic principles and ideals. We will also consider topics such as literary patronage in Rome, Augustan social and political policy (both approved and critiqued) in the literature of the Augustan period, Alexandrian poetics, generic composition, and metrical and structural principles of Latin poetry.