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Latin American Studies

Director: Hennes

Committee on Latin American Studies: Bernt, Clark, Faccini Mendoza, Neiva, Shenk,Warren

The Latin American Studies Program focuses on the region’s languages, histories, literatures, and cultures. Appropriate theories and methodologies gained from courses in political science, economics, sociology, theology and other disciplines complement the program’s basic offerings. Latin American Studies prepares students for graduate study or careers in government, nonprofit, education, and business environments. The program provides students with two options for acquiring a multi-disciplinary background in the Latin American region by completing either a Minor or a Certificate. Students should consult the Program Director to assess which option is appropriate. Participation in study abroad programs is encouraged.

The Minor

Students complete the Minor in Latin American Studies with six courses. Since a level of proficiency in one of the region’s languages is a key component of the minor, students must complete two relevant courses from the Department of Modern and Classical Languages beyond the Intermediate I (201) level (or demonstrate proficiency through other means). In addition, to ensure the interdisciplinary focus of the minor, courses from at least three participating departments must be represented among the six courses completed. Students may petition the Committee on Latin American Studies to receive credit for courses not listed below.

The Certificate

Students complete the Certificate in Latin American Studies with nine courses. Language and literature study is emphasized. Students are required to complete four appropriate courses from the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at or beyond the 202 level. Any five additional courses from the list below must also be completed. Students may petition the Committee on Latin American Studies to receive credit for courses not listed below.

Sample Course Offerings

Please note. Students may count at most only two of the following courses towards the Minor in Latin American Studies: SPA 202, SPA 301, SPA 302, SPA 303, SPA 310, SPA 410, SPA 411

ECN 350

International Macroeconomics

ECN 351

International Trade

ECN 370

Economic Development

EDU 357

Education and the Jesuit Mission in Latin America

FRE 461

Caribbean Francophone Literature

HIS 203

Historical Introduction to Latin America

HIS 204

Latin American-U.S. Migration

HIS 301

United States and Latin America

HIS 302

Colonial Mexico

HIS 303

History of Modern Mexico

HIS 304

Social Protest in Latin American History

HIS 475

Seminar in Latin American History

POL 331

Latin American Politics

POL 341

Revolution and Development

POL 342


POL 407

Seminar on Democracy and Democratization

SPA 301

Spanish Conversation

SPA 302

Spanish Composition

SPA 303

Spanish for Heritage Speakers

SPA 310

Introduction to Literatures of the Spanish-Speaking World

SPA 320

Current Events in the Spanish-Language Media: Latin America

SPA 350

Introduction to Latin American Cultures

SPA 355

Río de la Plata: Study Tour

SPA 360

Faith, Justice and Spanish-Speaking Communities

SPA 401

Topics in Latin American Cultures

SPA 410

From the Old World to the New in Hispanic Literature I

SPA 411

From the Modern World to the Present in Hispanic Literature II

SPA 420

Major Latin American Authors

SPA 421

Latin American Modern Novel

SPA 422

Culture, Dictatorship and Exile in the Latin American Southern Cone 1973-85

SPA 423

Latin American Modern Short Story

SPA 424

The Discourse of Latin American Modernity (Poetry)

SPA 425

Imagery of the Conquest: Indigenous and Mestizo Perspectives

SPA 426

Culture in Revolution

SPA 430

Commonplaces of Colonial Experience

SPA 431

Narratives of European Exploration and Conquest in America

SPA 456

Women’s Voices in 20th Century Spanish and Latin American Fiction

SPA 466

Spanish Dialectology

SPA 467

Language Contact and Politics in the U.S.

SPA 470

Topics in Spanish Linguistics

SOC 271

Sociology of Migration

THE 356

Liberation and Political Theologies

THE 358

Faith, Justice and the Jesuit Mission in Bolivia

THE 362

Faith and Justice: Scripture and Social Values

THE 368

(IHS 368) Just Health Care in Developing Nations