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Legal Studies

Francis Graham Lee, Ph.D., Coordinator

The Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies is offered under the aegis of the Department of Political Science. It attempts to meet the growing need for non-lawyer professionals in law firms, government agencies, and legal departments by graduating students who, in addition to a solid grounding in the fundamentals characteristic of the paralegal profession, have a firm foundation in the liberal arts. Such students will bring to the practice of their profession an ability to analyze problems, research solutions, and present answers in a convincing fashion both in writing and orally. The program’s professional element is designed to meet the standards set by the American Bar Association, thereby ensuring that graduates will become sought-after members of the paralegal profession.

Students are strongly encouraged to pursue a course of studies whereby they have completed a significant portion of the General Education Program prior to taking upper division courses in the paralegal field. In addition to ten paralegal courses, all students must take POL 111, ACC 101, ECN 101, and DSS 200 and MGT 360. Finally, students must take two Cognate Courses. These may be either additional upper division LAW courses or designated courses from the disciplines of Political Science, Management, Decision & System Science, and Criminal Justice (Sociology).